istanbulOur thoughts and best wishes are sent to the victims and their families. We are appreciative and thankful for the Turkish law enforcement and emergency personnel for their hard work during this hard time. The terrorism that occurred in Istanbul is sickening. We must, as human beings, be strong and vigilant in responding to terror. The need for security has never been greater. Security keeps us safe, especially when there are brave officers willing to protect and serve.

What We Know

According to the Turkish Prime Minister, three terrorists took it upon themselves to kill at least 36 people and injure at least 147 more at the Istanbul Ataturk International Airport. The three terrorists used both firearms and suicide vests. Terrorism in Turkey has recently been on a dramatic rise, which needs to serve as a warning for other countries.

The Security Officer Saved Lives

One of the most popular surveillance videos shows a security officer taking down one of the terrorists. According to the surveillance video, one of the terrorists was walking down a hallway with a rifle in hand. The security officer then appears to use a firearm to halt the terrorist. Unfortunately, the terrorism activated the explosive vest before the suspect could be detained.

This security officer in the Istanbul Ataturk International Airport is a hero. Although the terrorist was able to use the explosive vest, the security officer’s actions saved many civilian lives. That terrorist would have gone on to shoot more innocent people. The security officer acted bravely and swiftly. These actions serve as a valuable training tool for security officers and first responders.

We need more security like that officer. Without panic, the security officer safely aimed his firearm and was able to take down one of the Istanbul terrorists. The United States has the ability to increase its domestic security by opening up more opportunities to the private market.

Terrorism in Turkey

The terrorist attacks on the Istanbul Ataturk International Airport are the seventh act of terror in Turkey during the year 2016 – a horrifying statistic. This trend may have been surged by the attacks in Ankara, Turkey back on October 10, 2015, which was the deadliest attack in Turkish history (102 dead, 248 injured).

Turkey and terrorism have known each other for quite some time. Turkey is one of the allies helping in the fight against terrorism and radical extremists groups, such as ISIS. What happens in Turkey needs to be taken seriously in the United States. Terrorists are savages and will destroy everything in their path. Tough vigilant security is needed nowadays more than ever before, not only in Istanbul, but all around the world.