Portable Security Trailers

Ensure 24/7 Safety and Surveillance with AI Surveillance Cameras

Your Ultimate Security Solution

Ensure 24/7 Safety and Surveillance with Our Portable Solar Security Trailers

Our Portable Security Trailers offer a robust and reliable solution for all your security needs. Whether it’s a construction site, a large parking lot, or a temporary event, our trailers are designed to provide continuous surveillance and peace of mind.

Key Features

    • 24/7 Surveillance: Continuous monitoring to keep your site secure around the clock.

    • Intelligent Alerts: AI alerts for person / vehicle of interest.

    • Solar-Powered: Environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

    • Remote Monitoring: Stay connected and monitor your site from anywhere.

    • Security Dispatch: Managed by licensed security professionals at SecurityRI.
    • Large Presence: 5000lb, 3-panel solar, multi-camera, lights.

Why Choose Our Portable Security Trailers?

Our trailers are not just any security solution; they are engineered to stand out:

    • Large Robust Presence: Over 5,000 lbs units ensure a strong deterrent.

    • AI Surveillance Cameras: Advanced technology for superior monitoring.

    • Managed by Licensed Security Professionals: Ensuring top-notch security management by Rhode Island’s Licensed number 1 security service company.

    • 24/7 Mobile Supervisors: Always on duty, providing constant oversight.

    • Implemented by IT Specialists: Seamless integration with your existing security systems.

Who Can Benefit?

Our Portable Security Trailers are perfect for:

    • Businesses: Protect your assets and premises.

    • Construction Sites: Secure your valuable equipment and materials.

    • Government Agencies: Ensure public safety and secure sensitive areas.

    • Property Managers: Monitor large properties efficiently.

    • Event Organizers: Maintain security at large gatherings and events.

Real-World Applications

Our trailers have been effectively used in various scenarios, such as:

    • Remote Construction Sites: Providing security in isolated locations.

    • Large Parking Lots: Monitoring vast areas with ease.

    • Temporary Events: Ensuring the safety of attendees and assets.
    • Areas where power cannot be connected for surveillance cameras.

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